Jack Morley got kicked out of Horsefeathers

WTF Complaint about Jack Morley got kicked out of Horsefeathers.  My name is Jill. I live in Conway NH and I’ve been reading all those Jack Morley posts online. Girls, they are all true. I saw Jack expose himself at a very crowded Horsefeathers bar in N. Conway one Friday night. He was sitting at the bar and women, including myself, were standing behind him. He turned himself around to reveal a big hole in the crotch of his jeans. And there it was . Poking out for all to see. The tiniest erection I have ever seen. After a while one girl told the bartender who threw him out. So I have seen him doing it and I know the posts online about him are true..

Do you agree that Jack Morley got kicked out of Horsefeathers deserves a WTF Complaint?  Speak up in the comments section!

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