Isac waye tried to steal my wife

WTF Complaint about Isac waye tried to steal my wife.  me and Affilea (my wife) where meeting up with a few friends from work to talk about our new house and such when this guy called Isac came to the door obviously wasted or something.
Affilea explained he was an old friend who dropped out of highschool before she met me.
it was only later that i found out he dropped out to sell drugs and dabble in illegal activities.
but i tried to ignore him chatting to friends and everything till i heard a commotion over by the snack table as Isac apparently touched Affilea’s ass
then we got in a puch up and everything became a blur but ended with me, Affilea and Isac all leaving me and Affilea just trying to get out of there Because of Isac and Isac leaving so he didnt get anymore of his teeth knocked in.
later on instagram he was sending Affilea abusive textstrying to force her to cheat etc and she immediately showed me.
unfortunatly i cannot show you the texts because he unsent them but if you ever see this man in the streets of catsfeild avoid him because he does not just harass women but also children apparently..

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