HIV+ Maciej Setniewski’s Chem$ex Orggy Marathon 5 Must Haves 性群交 五大需求

HIV-Maciej-Igor-Setniewski-How-I-Infect-every-Asianu2019s-A-who-walks-into-the-Hong-Kong-HuTong-Sauna-copy-1.jpg Maciej-Igor-Setniewski-Architect-Interior-Designer-Architecture-Design-Travel-Photography.-0.jpg

I am Maciej Igor Setniewski, people call me SETH, I am ashamed to admit to friends, family and the closest people around me that I do recreational drugs. But I love it! Chem$EX!!!! I picked up this habit in 2014… by mid 2015 I was worshipped as $EX GOD, days-long ORG IES at my Sheungwan 中央大廈 flat or in gay saunas Hong Kong ! What is ChemS EX? It involves lots of enhancers when having uninhabited marathon fu¢Ks with FB or strangers I found on hookup apps like Grindrr. Here are a list of must haves for my home ORG Y at :

1. GRINDRR Mobile Apps to find 3-5 Hor ny asian hungry bottoms and maybe another gweilo top
ZOOM Mobile Apps is for broadcasting chem$ex to other share interest party fu¢kers! LIVE FROM SHEUNG WAN, It’s SETH’s FU¢k Fest!!!

2.SILICONE LUBE is a must for my favorite RAW B areback fu¢K and cu m inside those hungry asians but hard to clean up so I use PLASTIC TABLECLOTH cover all over every wall or cabinets and kitchen island, closets to prevent lube hand prints

3. CHEM illegal stuff: crack pipes, lighter torch to smoke the crystal meth, soda for chasing the GHB, injection needles for slamming meth, syringe for GHB meth booty bumps, Poppers and magic ViagrPills to keep me stay hard and aroused enough to fu¢k for entire weekend without sleep!

4. Cameras and many hidden cameras to videotape my $ex journey with or without consents from participators. I love watching my d!ck screwing different asian A$$es I like to watch them after as promography or rent them out on xtube!

5. Mirrors mirrors on the wall on ceiling, full length mirror to watch myself fu¢king

Turn on some house music and good dom-sub porn on tv that’s how I spend most of week nights or weekends of my leisure time …

性群交 五大需求

1. 手機Grindrr App搵三至五個香港0仔俾我馬拉松𨳒 或者加返個鬼佬朋友 同我一齊兩個窿食蕉𨳒屁股. 手機ZOOM App 用嚟即場直播扑嘢情況, 出邊好多同好共賞 又或者 容易搭路 搵另一班啲新鮮屎忽下次自願同我𨳒

2. 一定要用硅胶润滑油先至好𨳒,買啲膠枱布全屋貼晒預防潤滑油手印難清潔

3. 娛樂禁品: 針筒+玻璃煙斗吹冰毒, 防風火機, 汽水吹GHB, 偉哥勃起硬正馬拉松𨳒,洗磁鏹水

4. 錄影機 迷你偷拍錄影機 錄埋錄埋 可以去買 又可以遲啲用嚟 打飛機

5. 越多越好 周圍都有 全新大鏡, 天花板鏡, 最鍾意照住鏡 睇住自己係咁𨳒依一班淫渴嘅香港0仔

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