Guy Warman Middletown OH Cincinnati Bell

WTF Complaint about Guy Warman Middletown OH Cincinnati Bell.  I saw a previous posting on him and should have ran. I feel the pain of whomever posted the previous comments. This person will come off charming, intellectual and love bomb you. Then when you start to unmask him, the truth comes out. He will want you to believe he is sincere, when in fact the other poster depicted him accurately he is a sociopath path. He has his divorced records sealed, as he doesn’t want anyone to know he was in a 11 month affair with a married women. He not only cheated on his wife but the married women whom he was cheating with, cheated on him, He had the b***s to call her husband to let him know. He has had a restraining order for stalking as well. A complete fraud and con as I have to agree with the other post. He has so many emotional issues, he has no concept of what is real or authentic. He has no concept what is to be financial responsible. Debt beyond means..his home is currently in foreclosure and refuses to pay the mortgage for the last several years. Gambling and drugs are his addictions. He is a total train wreck but despite all of his issues, he claims to be a great package..

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