Frank Scrack Lyons, Illinois

WTF Complaint about Frank Scrack Lyons, Illinois.  Oh this loser was hitting on me in the early fall over at the Starbucks in Lyons, IL. This guy was totally filthy like he crawled out of a sewer drain with stench that proved he had not bathed in months. I found out that he is living in his van (down by the river). What a s***k. Overgrown hair and beard. I found out he hangs out sometimes in Riverside, IL with this bipolar guy named Uncle Bob or Robert. He comes over to steal weed, cigarettes and beer and then shoots of in his Sanford and Son Van which he has no license to drive a vehicle. A total degenerate. His old buddy just died behind a church and overdosed on synthetic heroin. This is not the kind of guy you would want to bring home meet your mother. A total loser..

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