Foo Kin Weng (Penang, Malaysia)

WTF Complaint about Foo Kin Weng (Penang, Malaysia).  As one of his former friends, I am taking this opportunity to expose this man whore and liar Foo Kin Weng. Mr Foo works as an optometrist in both Penang and London and this bloody bastard does not know how to control himself with his pants. He cheats on his wife by having illicit affairs with other women in Penang and (rumoured to be) Kuala Lumpur. From those affairs, those women have bastard children with him. I heard from people saying he has about 3 illegimate children but the number may be more than 3. This bastard has been two-timing on many women for many many years going back to more than 38 years ago. I feel sorry for whoever had Kin Weng as their son. When he is not busy fucking other women and cheating on his wife, he is a liar who loves to lie all to get face. He claimed that his only legimate child is studying to be an eye doctor when in reality he is not. Kin Weng, we are not as stupid as you think, you stinking piece of shit. I hope you will burn in hell, up yours and diu lei mo! You are a liar and a thief who should have your balls cut off. You are also a thief who don’t know shame too. Fuck you, Kin Weng!.

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