Evani Seested – Miami, Florida

WTF Complaint about Evani Seested – Miami, Florida.  Don’t let the looks fool you. Although the one pictured here is very hot and beautiful, she is one of the treacherous most evil, cunning women you could ever meet. Her name is Evani Maria Seested, the daughter of that sleazy DRD infested Brazilian slo’re Biani Seested. Like her mother, the apple don’t fall far from the tree. Her family recently moved from the DMV area to the Miami area they live in a huge house in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. It is alleged that the Feds was was opening up an investigation against them while they was in the DMV in the US District Court for the District of Maryland and the District of Columbia. Arrest warrants was almost issued against her parents Lloyd Victor Seested and his wife Biani Seested. But ebony has been hiding some secrets from people. Just like her mother Biani, the truth is Lloyd Victor Seested is not the father of Evani. In fact he is not the father of any of Biani’s children including her two younger sisters Ava and Valentina. Evani is the product of a relationship Biani had with a man in his 40s at the time she was 16. Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, Maryland which Evani attended and graduated. Evani admitted to have slept with over 200 men, over 100 women, and it’s even alleged that she likes to have sex with animals including dogs, cats, horses, goats and even snakes. It is even alleged that she likes to have a sexual relationship with Donald Higgins, one of the staff members at Churchill at the time before his retirement in 2017. Her mother is the same way. She is currently attending Pepperdine University out in California and I already see a sloreing it up there. She hardly attends college classes there but gets a 4.0 because she sleeps with every last one of her College professors and is even rumored to have dinner on several occasions with the Dean at the college. She is rumored to be a part of the Sureños gang and may have been involved in at least five murders involving African Americans in the Los Angeles Area. People think of me as a sweet loving kind-hearted woman but like her mom, she is an evil, vile, treacherous woman who is a golddigger and looking for a rich husband to leech off of. It’s about time Evani gets exposed..

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