Emily GoForth — Calgary, Canada

WTF Complaint about Emily GoForth — Calgary, Canada.  This family loves their plastic surgery and hoeing around. After cheating on her baby daddy, Emily decided to go use all her welfare money to get tax payers to buy her first plastic surgery, when that wasnt enough she hoed around for money to get a dude to buy her these silicone wonders. She brags about using the system and making her exes pay child support up to ying yang while she does nothing but hoe around. She decided she needed to go bigger than her sister, and got these enormous plus 2s on her size 1 body. great message to send your kids…instead of accepting your body, just get fake body parts and its all good! get men to buy you everything you need, you never have to get a job yourself and take care of yourself. Her and her sister have been hoes for years. cheating on every guy they are with, yet acting stuck up and like their sh1t does not stink to everyone else. I have never met a ruder family that thinks they are better than everyone. they are racist jerks, hate immigrants, are obsessed with the “Aryan race” and trying to “conserve” it (yeah creepy) and the definition of a bimbo. would rather spend all their money on surgery and makeup or fake hair then spend it on their kids. men in and out of the home, while kida are home. hoes like you shouldn’t become mothers period. get your whore stage out of your system before you have them. now you are trying to be the neighborhood floozyt soccer mom?.

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