Elizabeth Colliflower — Duluth, Georgia

WTF Complaint about Elizabeth Colliflower — Duluth, Georgia.  So I’ve known Elizabeth for YEARS and one day, she decides to throw her herpes ridden self to my boyfriend of 3 years. She won’t leave him alone even though he is trying to stay away from her. This bitch is INSANE. She shoots herself up with drugs almost everyday and has a drinking problem. She will make you believe she is as sweet and innocent as can be with her cute high voice, but beware, it is all a LIE. She is a two-faced liar and has no soul at all. She is not a stable human being. She has manipulated and slept with countless men that have been in a relationship with sleeping with her. She has no heart and cannot be trusted. Needless to say, STAY AWAY FROM THIS PSYCHOPATH..

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