Derrick Harmon-“The Lady’s Man” “Sociopathic-Narcissist”

WTF Complaint about Derrick Harmon-“The Lady’s Man” “Sociopathic-Narcissist”.  He is a predator, manipulator, user and by all means defines what it is to be both a sociopath and narcissist. He resides in Las Vegas, NV, but has a few women in all zip codes. He is handsome, fit, and very charming. He entices you with his charming personality, flattery “Love Bombing”, & adoration.; He’ll take you in his confidence. You doubt yourself and trust him. He is very promiscuous and loyal to no one. He will quickly lose interest in you, but keep you hanging on with a few words of love, so that he can still have sex with you, borrow money from you (which won’t be returned) and maintain access to your house or car.; Please don’t fall victim to this man because he will destroy all self confidence, & toss you aside like a piece of garbage, & portray you as being psycho or a crazy woman & might leave you with a case of HPV..

Do you agree that Derrick Harmon-“The Lady’s Man” “Sociopathic-Narcissist” deserves a WTF Complaint?  Speak up in the comments section!

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