Delicia Cordon – Atlanta, Georgia

WTF Complaint about Delicia Cordon – Atlanta, Georgia.  must hv seen Delicia Cordon (ex industry heaux, groupie n insta-thot) claim that Buffalo Bills star LeSean McCoy set her up 2 get robbed n beaten..She was recently caught doing P4P in Dubai with a nigerian scam artist wanted in the USA n even smashing an old married fugitive on the run! Lol Delicia’s life is a real life tragedy!! I just had to drop the full tea after she was being dragges on teatenders because every1 from the A knows whats up! Delicia the Groupie-Delicia has been passed around the entire entertainment industry n she’s a diagnosed jersey chaser. She is from Virginia n moved to Miami when she was 22 to heaux around 4 free.. She was squatting in some friend of a friend’s NFL players condo but suppose 2 pay full rent. She told the landlord she was a rich model/actress who just broke it off with another NFL player but couldn’t pay a dime in rent, she tried it with forging faulty bank checks n faking wire transfers, one excuse after another! In 2007 she was evicted n given a final judgment 4 removal of tenant. The judge pitied her n gave her a chance to pay past due rent (only $4500) but sadly she didn’t have a dollar 2 her name after all the NFL peens she took!!She was given 24 hours 2 vacate the premises n her bum a$$ refused to leave so she was physically evicted by the sheriff!! What a pathetic girl with no self respect!! Now she has a social security alert under her name for previous evictions n poor credit history so all this stunting she doing for the gram pretending to be a boss b1tch is a joke..

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