David Wayne Miller, Blairsville, Georgia

WTF Complaint about David Wayne Miller, Blairsville, Georgia.  This guy is a lying, manipulating con artist. He is a narcissist who will take advantage and cheat. He’ll tell you he’s rich, owns a company, has a car, a job. He has none of these. He’s on government welfare and lies for free rent. He tries to hook up with very young girls and have unprotected s*x. He is also violent..

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  1. Barb

    Douche bag comes into Walmart in Blairsville hitting on the young female employees every freaking day. He’s over twice their age! Nasty looking, rotten teeth and creepy look in his eyes. He’s 6’1, grey balding hair, brown eyes, about 48 years old. wears a vet hat but he’s not a vet. Drives an old light blue 4 door car.

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