David Miller Airville, Pennsylvania

WTF Complaint about David Miller Airville, Pennsylvania.  I dated Dave (David) who claimed to own companies, was rich, was great in bed. He boasted how great he is and how great he’s been to other women. In actual reality he is a liar, a con artist, a thief and a cheater. He will be kind, thoughtful and loving at first while looking to hook up with other women. After a few months he will be mean and insulting. He lies and steals from co workers, lies about co workers, files false work claims. He wrecks rental cars and blames it on co workers. He flirts and gets other women’s numbers while his girlfriend’s head is turned or out of the room. He is also a bully, he will bully anyone and everyone. If he doesn’t like his girlfriend’s adult kids, he will con the women into disowning them, then constantly banter her and demean them. He dyes his head and facial hair from grey to dark brown to look younger when he looks much older than 46. He tries to hook up with girls as young as 19. He insulted me every chance he got, in public he was controlling and restrictive. He had to know all my banking passwords. I was stalked when I went out with my friends. He is also easily angered and will smash objects and doors..

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