Dana Spencer – Scottsdale, Arizona

WTF Complaint about Dana Spencer – Scottsdale, Arizona.  Dana is a filthy home wrecker who’s the town bicycle, using her legs to get ahead. This woman, married to a deadbeat husband who tells her to do whoever and whatever she needs to do in order to get ahead hopefully gets a big smack of karma in her face. Sleeping with her bosses is her MO, and constantly craving attention like the sl0re she is on social media. Her bad facelift and nose job were done by a discount plastic surgeon, when they should have fixed her lazy eye. If you get in her way, she will smile to your face and throw a knife in your back as soon as she can. If your husband has a job in the real estate industry and she thinks he can get her ahead, watch out, because she will jump in bed with him as soon as she can..

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