Dan Ribeiro – Winnipeg, Canada

WTF Complaint about Dan Ribeiro – Winnipeg, Canada.  This is Dan and Autumn. You would think they look like the normal self absorbed, self obsessed couple but in reality they are so much more… Dan is a finance manager at a dealership but at night he sells meth to the weakest people in our society. Goes to the west and north ends of the city to sell to anyone that wants meth. It’s been ruining our city and he is a contributing part to this!!! His excuse is because he has a hard time living his own life paying bills but then also has a girlfriend that expects her man to literally pay for everything. Now on to the next suspect, Autumn Turski. She made Dan buy her fake tits recently because she couldn’t stand being an a cup. (Which is fair) but making your boyfriend pay for them is ridiculous. He also pays for their trips, the sh1tty injections she has all over her face, her monthly car bill (yes they bought matching Volkswagen suvs, how lame.) the worst part about this is that Autumn thinks she’s entitled to this and doesn’t care that Dan goes out and sells meth to pay for her materialistic items and even brags about it. We all heard you at Joeys bragging about the lifestyle. I hope you both end up in jail..

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