Chrissie Marie McWhorter / Serial user and HIV positive


Trashy ho acts like Christian tho she abandons all her kids and aborts the ones she don’t. Known to be married to two guys at once, how this dollar store looking clerk gets one date is a mystery; let alone two husbands. Had to work with animals because people can’t stand her.

Married Robert Pickney on 6/7/97, married Cory whatley on 4/15/99 BUT Robert did not divorce her -cuz men ALWAYS leave her- til 6/22/99. Currently married,

Real name is Christina Marie Miller in The Colony Texas

Carries herpes, and chlamydia and HIV + new diagnosis

I should know. My boyfriend is still married to her. Constantly uses guys for a meal ticket. She been bragging that she going with a rich guy name James Nix, using him for a house he is buying. Seems like a desperate dude.

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