Chris cogswell is a dirt bag

WTF Complaint about Chris cogswell is a dirt bag.  as lied to everrrryyyonnneee, he is a coke dealer, and beats women. Any bruises or bumps women that have been seen with him are most likely from a Coked out sex binge where he beat the women senseless until they are numb. Be careful not to stub your toe this ex meat head who now looks like a old milk bag. He can’t keep his dick in his pants and infected the lives of many women without them knowing .All those steroids shrivelled his balls and he ain’t no man anymore just a a blob that sells cocaine to strippers . He is a manipulating cheater and you are bound to catch something from the dirty needles he uses to shoot up heroin with . This guy is despicable..

Do you agree that Chris cogswell is a dirt bag deserves a WTF Complaint?  Speak up in the comments section!

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