Cheyenne Tilton — Saskatoon, Canada

WTF Complaint about Cheyenne Tilton — Saskatoon, Canada.  This chick walks around thinking shes some model because she has some old man with a camera taking her photos. LMFAO Shes a mom, with her toys and her a55 out for the world. Your children dont need to see you sloring around Cheyenne. We all know this is just your tactic to feel better about yourself, you were a homewrecker in high school, it’s clear to us that your still not to far off. Chances are shes probably slept with the old man too, you dirty slore, put some clothes on and learn to be a respectable woman. Otherwise all your little kitties are gunna think is “mommy is a slore”. And we see you took down the photo of your naked a55555 in nothing but fishnets, your lucky we didnt get that one. But you probably got ranted on hard for that hoe drop. Keep your gaping vagina off of facebook..

Do you agree that Cheyenne Tilton — Saskatoon, Canada deserves a WTF Complaint?  Speak up in the comments section!

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