Cheyanne Carpenter

WTF Complaint about Cheyanne Carpenter.  She enjoys sleeping with her bosses to gain control of them. She lies often and says that they are the only one for her. She loves Snapchat and texting to stay in control…40+ texts/sexts daily. She sends them nudes and distracts them during work, then turns them in for not doing their jobs. She enjoys married dad’s as they have more to lose and will keep things super private. She refused to allow condoms… because she is trying to spread her gift–genital herpes! She has cheated on many guys…and after she is done with them, she still tries to control them and mess with their head. She is crazy! She lies so much that no one knows the truth. She plays the innocent sexually harassed employee when in fact, she was the one doing the sexual harassment. And when she is done with you, she trashes your name and reputation so much that she looks like the good guy. She is disgusting. Having sexual relationships with four different guys at the same time…making them all think that the other guys don’t exist. Run if you see her..

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