Brian Fancher Greensboro, North Carolina

WTF Complaint about Brian Fancher Greensboro, North Carolina.  Brian Nash Fancher lives at 31 Holly Springs Ln, Greensboro, NC, 27455. He is a cheater, pathological liar, extremely racist, has poor hygiene habits, a narcissist, verbally abusive, an alcoholic, and a suspected pedophile. His social security number is 246154074. Mother’s maiden name is Mathis. His date of birth is 9/14/74. His cell phone number is 336-303-9379. His Facebook page is Brian Fancher has stated that he is a member of the H**l’s Angels. He currently works as a chef at Drake’s Fresh Pasta Company located at 636 Southwest St in High Point, NC. His work number there is 336-861-5454. Brian Fancher has worked for the Guilford county sheriff’s department in the past as a narc. He has major bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, and anger issues. This 40+ year old “man” still lives with his mother, Gerry Simpson. DO NOT associate with him whatsoever.; The following are just some of the crimes that Brian Fancher has committed and has yet to be brought to justice for them. In 1992 or 1993, Brian Fancher sexually assaulted a female student in chemistry class at Walter Hines Page High School in Greensboro, NC. Mr. Fancher was an adult and the female student was a minor. In the mid-90’s, Brian Fancher was convicted of a felony when he was employed at Best Buy, however, he had that expunged from his record. In 1998, he broke into the apartment of a woman he was stalking and stole personal items from her. From the late 1990’s and to the present, Brian Fancher has been vandalizing vehicles that dent his car, scratch his car, or are vehicles of someone he does not like. He has slashed tires, gouged the metal on the vehicles with his knives, carved the word “n****r” into vehicles, etc. In 2011, Brian Fancher worked for his uncle, Tommy Mathis, at Lehigh Cement in Durham, NC. He alleges that gang members from MS-13 broke into the facility killing two guard dogs and a cat. Mr. Fancher and a relative, Brian Roberts, then took the law into their own hands and assaulted those gang members when they returned to Lehigh Cement. In 2015, Brian Fancher took out his anger on a manager at CVS Pharmacy where he worked. He resented being reprimanded by the manager, so Mr. Fancher slashed the manager’s tires and carved “n****r” on his car.
Here is a picture of Brian Fancher from his high school yearbook in 1992 to give you an idea of what he looks like. He is now bald, has a beard, and is considerably overweight..

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