Brandon Scott Glendale , California

WTF Complaint about Brandon Scott Glendale , California.  Carolina. He was convicted of identity theft, fraud, forging checks and other crimes. He may become physically dangerous if challenged about his lies.
You can find his complete criminal history on various websites that will obtain this information for a fee. It’s worth the $.
His is originally from North Carolina, but had/has a fiancé in the Bonney Lake/Lake Tapps, WA area.
He poses as a business owner, sometimes says he owns weed stores in WA/CA.
He may claim he sold a business and/or house and that’s why he has all this money and doesn’t work.
But, he doesn’t have ANY money or own a vehicle. If he is driving a vehicle, he is “selling” it for someone, stole it, renting it or borrowed it from his fiancé.
He may also claim he is selling a property or a business with a large amount of cash coming, so females will have to pay for everything…but he will pay you back. Hah!
He has a fast way of talking, so he is hard to follow, but it’s all part of his con. It keeps you from slowing down to make sense of his lies.
He is also very pushy. He will push himself on you and want to “help” you.
And he will be about to “buy this or that”. And claim people are friends to give himself credibility.
He is a classic con artist.
He is on every dating website. It is where he finds his victims.
Ladies, please please please be careful. He will con you out of money, possessions, vehicles and in one case left a victim homeless..

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