Bobbi Ann Britt auburn, Alabama

WTF Complaint about Bobbi Ann Britt auburn, Alabama.  This old hag conned a married man to have s*x with her by giving him 70 thousand dollars. She also tries to get people to buy her sleeping tablets because she is addicted to them. She goes on a gore site daily to look at bodies of dead children and has tried to hook up with men who visit that site also. She posted pictures of herself topless on there and made everyone sick with her cows udders. She also pretends to be 45 when she is really 69. Look up her name in the news, she got arrested for nicking plants and got kicked off a plane because she is an absolute fruit n nut cake. Stay away from this lunatic. She has just been charged with killing her own pet dog that she had for years, even though she told her friends that it had passed due to illness..

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