Beauti marked by Megan Nguyen

Megan Hong Nguyen 9-16-79 floundering makeup artist fired from Blushington for violating professional boundaries & lost multitude of clients. Spinster looking at 40 & desperate for man to rescue her & support her financially. Won’t ever happen. She’d be more likely to cover her own acne scars. Horrible reputation in Dallas since getting fired. Megan molds herself after the ex-girlfriends of men she chases for crumbs when she ain’t at singles events on Valentines Day. Megan is out of touch with reality, if only she’d get knocked up, it’d be a cinch to keep a man. Every female but Megan knows the trick. By now though, Megan’s fertility is obsolete due to her obsession w/homeopathy. Desperate to be anyone but herself.
People been snitching on her online since 2014. The post on Cheater Board from December 29, 2014 says it best what Megan Hong Nguyen is.

Megan Nguyen Dallas – Texas

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