Anna Kirkwood — Toronto, Canada

WTF Complaint about Anna Kirkwood — Toronto, Canada.  This bitch is the fakest, most self pitying piece of sh1t. All she does is drink and do drugs, yet says EVERY week “I’m going to get clean and go to rehab” just to get the attention and compliments she craves so bad, only to turn around and be a disgusting drunk again. What makes this even worse is SHE HAS A KID. You wouldn’t know it because she lost custody years ago, clearly partying and her own ego are more important. She even had the nerve to badmouth the people raising her kid for her! How ignorant can you be, raising a kid is not easy and she talks sh1t about the people who sacrificed their life so her kid can be taken care of?! She is just trash. She calls herself wifey material ALL THE TIME… I’m pretty sure wifeys do more then cook… like take care of their kids, get a real job and don’t rely on drugs but I guess your standards are pretty low huh? Not to mention SHE FLOOZYS, IS PROUD OF IT but when she was first exposed as a hoe she made up this big story about being drugged and forced to do it. Sorry last time I checked if you were forced you wouldn’t be posting snaps with your trick money all laid out, posting on fb about fuking guys on “yacht”, bragging about her late nights and “stacks” How fuked up do you have to be to lie about sh1t like that, just admit you were a hoe and move on. Now she’s claiming her pal who she went to Floozy with raped her… it could have happened , Aryton is fuked up, but really girl you are crying wolf with all the sh1t you whine about. Grow a pair, and learn how to deal with reality, and stop running to social media for attention. You say you’re so alone and hard done by Anna, but do you ever think how your kid feels being abandoned?! I feel so bad for her kid, at least she’s not with this fake a55 trainwreck..

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