Andrew Germain – Vermont

WTF Complaint about Andrew Germain – Vermont.  Andrew Seem like an amazing fun caring guy the just want a family and settle down! the truth is has a family! A wife an four children! i fell head over heels with him and it seemed like he my dream guy. the first few weeks were great before i found out he is a cheater. But that is not the worst. He is a narcissist and he will put you down an down an make fun of hour weight any chance he gets. i’m 115 pounds! Andrew Will fill your head with dreams an chances of future when he is just trying to get you to lie an manipulate you into doing things. I saw him and his entire Family at the walmart! followed them trying to see through my tears. At the checkout he was just as cruel to her as he treats me. making fun of her and not lifting a finger to help with any of their children. He Says how much he loves children an wants a family nut really he just wants his small dick to wet, actually idk of that is even it. an after you will be like WTF just happened? Ladies be careful! Andrew is a drug addict that will do say anything to get what wants from you..

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