Alyssa Luedtke Palmyra, Wisconsin

WTF Complaint about Alyssa Luedtke Palmyra, Wisconsin.  Wasnt cheating on me because blow jobs ain’t s*x. Nether is sexting guys in other states. At 16 saw nothing wrong with talking to guys 30 and older in other states. Always gets that kind of strep throat. Incapable of telling the truth. Not smart in anyway. Lives in own fantasy. Loves older guys. Wants to be with her own father.; Doesn’t get what she wants tells people you forced her. Tells people her xs kill themselves because they can’t live without her. So I righting from my grave..

Do you agree that Alyssa Luedtke Palmyra, Wisconsin deserves a WTF Complaint?  Speak up in the comments section!

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