AlleashaAnne Irish — Kingston, Canada

WTF Complaint about AlleashaAnne Irish — Kingston, Canada.  This girl got posted a few months ago but needs to be posted again. Nasty little piggy is all alone for Christmas this year. She might have gotten away with keeping her newest fiancée if he didn’t start questioning why it’s been 5 months and he hadn’t been invited to to an ultrasound. If that wasn’t enough the physical abuse this poor guy had to endure. If he suddenly had a new follower on ig she didn’t approve of she would freak out hitting him until he got rid of them, blocked them and proved to her that they would never be able to get in contact again. If you ask her though he was a lying cheating dead beat that never deserved to be in her life to begin with. Hey alleasha why don’t you stop pretending to be pregnant and actually finish your 2 year st Lawrence course you’ve been chipping away at since 2014. Keep being the best mommy you can be maybe eventually someone will appreciate all the hard work and effort you’ve put into lying to make you look like you’re living a perfect little life. Maybe when you stop dropping your kid off to which ever grandparent is available so you can party all weekend someone might think you’re worth actually having a kid with so you can stop pretending. Trap trap trap bitch.

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