Alec Leinart Spearfish, South Dakota

WTF Complaint about Alec Leinart Spearfish, South Dakota.  This guy is not only a phyco he is a serial thief and preys on single moms mostly!! He will date you and tell you all about how he’s a real cowboy and comes off as a struggling but good guy a few months in he will be shooting heroin stealing your stuff he will steal your kids stuff!! He has been ruining women’s all over the United States he has records from state to state mostly for stealing women’s belongings!! He also like to cheat he’s sleeps with anything he can get has given me a std and likes to pay for hookers he also is no stranger to selling himself to both men and women for dope!! If you you have meet this man run don’t walk run if you have kids I pray you will make it out safely and please help spread the word to keep other single mothers and innocent women safe!!!!.

Do you agree that Alec Leinart Spearfish, South Dakota deserves a WTF Complaint?  Speak up in the comments section!


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