Adele Taylor-Northern Virgina

WTF Complaint about Adele Taylor-Northern Virgina.  Adele Taylor who also goes by her alias “Adela Taylor” on Facebook is a carrier of Herpes & HPV living in Northern VA. She’s a pathological liar, gas lighter, manipulator, serial cheater, sex addict, alcohol & cocaine addict. She has destroyed the lives of so many men. She was a “supposed” friend of mine for well over a decade. The last straw was after she tried seducing my husband to sleep with her. Mind you she had a boyfriend whom she told me she was in love with (like every BF). Being I’m the only person in the world who knows the truth about her, I hope that by exposing her it will save at least one man from having his life ruined.; Her main trick is playing the victim. She plays the victim role to seduce good men that are easy for her to control and manipulate. Getting people to feel sorry for her so she can use them to get what she wants. Whether it’s sex, drugs, attention, someone to ease her abandonment fears, a job, someone to listen to her chaos of a life. She has no real friends, just people who she uses to benefit her needs and no one else’s. I had to learn the hard way like everyone else.; I had to listen to her what seemed like everyday complain how much she hates her family, her friends, her boss’s, everyone! The hate she had for her father ran deeper than anyone. She even bad mouthed me when I was there for her all those years. Keeping me a secret from her friends & family. Always making excuses over the years when I was to meet her family or other friends of hers which now I know was due to her being scared I would possibly tell them about her “secret life” she hides so well from the world and will never admit to even if her life depended on it. Her entire existence she portrays to people is based on lies. When her mouth is moving she’s lying. She thinks she’s slicker & smarter than everyone because shes gotten away with destroying people’s lives for so long without her family, friends or even boyfriends knowing the truth.; I’ve witnessed her sick game of telling men she has a life threatening illness or preexisting medical condition’s she never even had so her next victim would fell sorry for her, fall harder for her. I’ve never seen her single more than a week in over the decade I’ve known her. No matter how many times I tried to help her, she never listens. She lies, cheats, deceives, infects, manipulates, lives a double life, in a selfish, futile, fleeting attempt to escape her own true self. Once she has a new boyfriend she manipulates them within weeks to say she’s in love or they’re soul mates. Those poor men have no idea of the snake hiding behind the mask who is going to destroy their life. The same outcome happens with just about every single man she’s dates. If the relationship does last it’s only because she’s brainwashed the man so much with all her mental and emotional abuse. Sex to Adele is nothing. I’ve seen her hand it out like candy over the years. She doesn’t waste anytime getting sexual. Right out of the gate she sleeps with men. In the end she using sex as a weapon to control them. So many times she’s laughed while telling me all the horrible things shes done to these men with a smile on her face. As if she gets pleasure from hurting people. Hurt people hurt people.; She love bombs, devalues and discards men like a bag of trash with zero care in the world. I’ve seen some of her ex’s lose themselves, suicidal from all the mental mind games, confused, gave up everything for her. Once her man get’s a whiff of her lies, cheating, or that they have been infected with herpes or genital warts she leaves them. She will deny, deny deny having any STD’s. Saying she had no clue or she tested clean when she is fully aware she has them. Or manipulates them to think it’s not an STD, then continues to destroy them even further cause she has no other male backup she run to. Will quickly dig up an old male friend she can slowly manipulate to have on standby. She’s even packed her bags and moved out of state the same night she got caught by a boyfriend. She’s a bully who preys on the weak n vulnerable. She expects total loyalty, trust and honesty from everyone, but she never ever gives it in return. Adele is too much of a coward to admit guilt, deal with the chaos she has created or deal with her own emotions. She’s fabricates lies and manipulates her family & friends on why her relationships ended to make her look like the victim and turn them against her ex. When in fact the ex is the victim of all her abuse. The ex ends up looking crazy trying to defend himself which is exactly what Adele wants. Her family & friends never question it from being manipulated by all her lies. Truly scary how someone can manipulate people’s perception through lies. Don’t let those gifts she gives fool you. She has no heart inside that empty shell. Her gifts are nothing more than a powerful manipulation tool to throw off your perception of seeing who she really is. If you catch her in a lie or start questioning her bad behavior she gives a gift in hopes you forget about it. Or to make you think she is a loving caring person. She will even put herself in debt buying her friends, family or boyfriends lavish gifts. With Adele, it’s never about you, it’s always about her.; Originally met in her in Austin TX. Since then Adele’s moved around like a gypsy after she gets caught or knows her man is catching on to her secret life. Mainly bouncing back n fourth from TX to VA like a traveling magic show. Her bed never gets cold. Manipulates men in different states to always be waiting for her when her relationships fail. Fabricating lies about her boyfriend to make him look bad so those men fail for her. Like that saying “captain save a hoe”.; She deflects all her bad behavior onto others to make them feel guilty of her behavior when they did nothing wrong. It’s such a sick and twisted game she plays with people. Witnessed her trying to trap men over the years by getting pregnant on purpose, then having to get an abortion when her plan backfires. Adele even got an abortion once cause she didn’t know who the father was. Sad thing is her boyfriend at the time had no clue. I was the only person who knew the truth about it. She is not capable of love or any healthy emotional attachment. Her life is nothing but a path of destruction, broken relationships, drug & alcohol abuse, impulsive risky sex, lies & deception. She is an empty, soulless, heartless shell who needs to destroy others in order to fill that void. I truly feel sorry for anyone who comes into her life, even more so her family. Even sadder for any man who were to ever have a child with her. Cause she herself is a child in an adult body who’s behavior reflects that. Gets angry when she doesn’t get what she wants, gives the silent treatment as a form of abuse like a kid does when she gets caught in a lie or gets questioned on her bad behavior, has the emotional capacity of 5 year old, needs constant attention, cries constantly like a baby.; Being cheated on hurts, having your heart broken hurts even more. But add in not 1 but 2 incurable std’s you have to live with for the rest of your life. That is basically killing someone without a gun. It broke my heart to see some of these men cry when finding out they’ve been infected or being cheated on. Or at times telling multiple men she’s in love with them only to be cheating on both of them. Triangulating men is something she’s always done since the day I met her. Making up lies about men hitting on her or constantly telling them about all the guy friends she has to make her man jealous. Slowly breaking them down bit by bit. Isolating men from the life they had all in a selfish act to give her more attention and control over them. Mirroring men’s likes, building up their confidence to fall harder for her. Every sick mind game you can think of she’s does.; When she is not around her man she act’s and lives as if she’s single. Will give her phone # to men who ask, goes on dates with men, has risky impulsive sex with those men. All while she’s telling her man or men she loves them or wants to marry them. Future fakes telling them she can’t wait to grow old together, have children or buy a house together. Like evil, she moves in the darkness. Doing her secret drug addiction and cheating at night. Using excuse’s like shes sleeping at a girlfriends house, she has to work late, or friends or family are coming over. Another one of Adele’s tricks is her fake crocodile tears. She fake cries a lot when she gets caught in a lie to better her chances of them believing it, or uses it as manipulation to get what she wants. Using the silent treatment as a form of abuse. Something she has done to her family many times over the years. Even our relationship was like a roller coaster along with her family. Going months or even years without speaking. Never believe “if”she ever says she is sorry about something. She’s done horrible things to a lot people without ever apologizing. If she does it’s forced, never genuine. Or in her sick mind try to justify her bad behavior.; There is a lot more to this toxic snake of a women I could share but feel I already said enough. All I can do is hope I saved at least one man from having his life destroyed. Or even know what happened to them. So many of these men had no clue what hit them in the face until it was too late. She is a snake who injects her toxic venom into her prey. Some days I feel guilty for not warning some of these men on their fate that awaited them. That guilt is something I have to live with forever. Even knowing her for as long as I have, seeing all her moves. In the end, I was manipulated all these years just like everyone else. Truly the most sick, vile, evil and disgusting excuse of a human being I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing. Adele Taylor-703-470-1292.

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